Fieldmaster Group is a professional services firm that provides specialised strategic advice and technical insight to help manage the online profile for prominent families, business leaders, multinational corporations and luxury brands, globally.

Founded by Dr Laura Toogood, Fieldmaster Group supports clients and their trusted advisors as they navigate various challenges that are presented by the digital age.


We provide cutting-edge technical solutions in a niche area of work. A combination of expert consultancy and data-driven intelligence enables us to deliver the optimum technical approach for monitoring and managing the digital footprint and online presence.

Often working collaboratively alongside other pivotal aides, such as lawyers, PR and communications professionals and security advisors, we provide a service that is critical for helping clients to handle complex online scenarios. Our strong industry connections also add further value.


Dr Laura Toogood has extensive experience in online communications. A leader in her field, she has advised many high-profile clients since the digital communications industry first emerged. She holds a PhD in Social Informatics and has been working at the forefront of her specialist subject for over a decade.

In addition to her role as an award-winning professional advisor, she co-authored “Journalism and PR: News Media and Public Relations in the Digital Age”. The work was supported by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford.

She is regularly invited to provide expert comment for various leading media outlets, including the BBC, Financial Times, ITV, NBC News, The Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph and others.